Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Product Review: Julep {July 2014}

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I just realized that my third Julep box was just delivered and I haven't done my post on the first box yet.

Julep is a mail - order beauty service for $24.99 a month. Upon signing up, you answer a series of questions to discover your "style". When I took the quiz, my style was "Boho Glam". Therefore, the box I received was tailored towards that style. The Boho Glam box includes two nail polishes and one full size beauty item each month. 

I received this box free by using a code from Julep.

For this box, I did not get to select any of the items I received {except for one}. 

 photo IMAG0617_zps6470c924.png 
Item A: Nail Polish {Jeanne}; Regular Price $14
Item B: Nail Polish {Harriet}; Regular Price $14
Item C: Mighty Cuticle and Nail Serum; Regular Price $28
Item D: Plie Wand Creativity Kit; Regular Price $10

These nail colors did not appeal to me. These are two colors that I would never choose for myself. I am not a pastel type of person. 

I absolutely LOVE the Mighty Cuticle and Nail Serum. This has become a regular item in my nail maintenance routine. This is a product I will continue to purchase to use. The description of this product says that you should have stronger and smoother nails in 2 - 3 weeks. I can definitely say that my nails do seem stronger since I began using this product.

When I signed up, they were offering some products at discounted prices. I saw the Plie Wand Creativity Kit for 50% off (originally $10 and I paid $5). Since my first box was free, I only paid $5 for $66 worth of products. 

Although I was not fond of the color selections, I decided to stay with Julep for awhile longer. 

If you wish to check out Julep, click HERE to sign up. This will offer you the first box on them. You will then be enrolled in the Maven program. However, you can call and cancel after your first {free} box if you do not wish to continue. 

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Monday, September 1, 2014

September Goals

First, a recap of August's Goals. I did horrible in August. I don't understand why since these are pretty easy goals.

August Goals
Fitness and Health 
  • No chocolate for a month (beginning 8/2/14) FAIL!! {I was actually doing good but on 8/22, my husband bought me chocolate cookies. And I couldn't hurt his feelings by not eating them.}
  • Do exercise program minimum 3 times a week FAIL!!
  • Track food in MyFitnessPal everyday (beginning 8/4/14) FAIL!!
  • Blog everyday in this blog FAIL!! {I was doing good for about a week but then an incident happened and I got behind in pre-typing and scheduling. I never caught back up.}
  • Schedule posts in advance, when possible. SEMI - FAIL!!
  • Clean up blog sidebars. FAIL!! {I am still trying to figure out what I want to do}
  • Write a Golden Shovel poem FAIL!!
  • Add 10 poems to collection FAIL!! {I wrote one}
  • Add 15 "prompt stories" FAIL!!
  • Blog once a week (not poems or prompts) on C.J. Delessio  FAIL!! 
  • Write 20,000+ more words to Their Always & Forever FAIL!!
  • Stay on top of my schoolwork (this is very important! My Masters program requires me to maintain a 3.0 GPA or be kicked out)  SUCCESS!!
  • Buy 4 nail polish (101/1001 item #86). SUCCESS!!
  • Read 10 of the books on the ARC list (that I am behind on). FAIL!! {I read 4}
  • Complete items #16 & 55. FAIL!!
  • Add 5 movies to #23.  FAIL!!
  • Add 5 bands to #26. FAIL!!
  • Watch 1 movie for #22. FAIL!!

Many of my September goals will be the same as my August goals. 

September Goals
Fitness and Health 
  • No chocolate for a month (beginning 9/1/14)
  • Do exercise program minimum 3 times a week
  • Track food in MyFitnessPal everyday (beginning 9/1/14)
  • Blog everyday in this blog 
  • Schedule posts in advance, when possible.
  • Clean up blog sidebars. 
  • Clean up Blog Labels.
  • Go through saved list on Bloglovin. 
  • Finish all "draft" posts.
  • Write a Golden Shovel poem
  • Add 10 poems to collection
  • Add 15 "prompt stories"
  • Blog once a week (not poems or prompts) on C.J. Delessio 
  • Write 20,000+  words to one of my current WIP.
  • Stay on top of my schoolwork (this is very important! My Masters program requires me to maintain a 3.0 GPA or be kicked out) 
  • Buy 4 nail polish (101/1001 item #86). 
  • Read 10 of the books on the ARC list (that I am behind on).
  • Complete items #16 & 55.
  • Add 5 movies to #23. 
  • Add 5 bands to #26.
  • Watch 1 movie for #22.

Monthly Goals

5,000 Question Survey {Part 6}

Part 6 of this challenge includes Questions #151-200.

151. What is louder and more annoying: 200 adults talking or one four-year-old screaming? 
  • 200 adults talking.
152. Do you believe the stories about planes, boats and people mysteriously disappearing into the Bermuda triangle? 
  • The jury is still out. I am unsure of what to believe.

153. Who are you the most jealous of? 
  • No one. While you may be jealous of what you see of someone, you never know what secrets and skeletons they may have. I'll keep mine, thanks. 

154. What is the happiest way you can start your day? 
  • Everyone waking up in a good mood (never happens).

155. Do you ever have moments where you feel like everything is all right in the world? 
  • In the world? No. Do you watch the news? How can I feel everything is right? As far as in MY world, sometimes. 

156. Who thinks that you are offensive?
  • Half of the people who read my personal twitter. I've had a few say they would pray for my soul. Guess they can't handle the fact that I'm missing that filter that is between my brain and mouth/fingers. 

157. If you had to teach a class in something, what would you be able to teach people?
  • Basic Psychology.

158. Have you ever had a spiritual experience (an experience that cannot be explained by science)?
  • Not that I can think of right off.

159. Do you believe that this experience was truly mystical or do you think there is some scientific explanation for it, only you don't know what it is?
  • This is not applicable.

160. Do you get offended easily?
  • Depends on the topic. Some topics I can. Most topics I am not.

161. Would you still love and stay with your significant other if he or she had to have a breast or testicle removed? 
  • Yes.

162. Do you believe in fate or free will? 
  • Yes, I believe in both in different situations. I believe that some things happen because of fate. I also believe that some things happen because we had free will to make decisions. 

163. Do you believe that only boring people get bored?
  • No. I'm not boring but I can be bored easily.

164. Can life change or are we all stuck in vain? 
  • Life changes based on the decisions we make.

165. What changes are you afraid of? 
  • My children becoming 18.

166. Are you a day person or nocturnal? 
  • Nocturnal all the way.

167. What one CD could you listen to for an entire week (no mixed CD’s, it must be an album)?
  • Who listens to CDs anymore. I thought we all listened to music online now. But, I would choose Fozzy's Do You Wanna Start A War.

168. Which is worse, working in retail, food service, or an office?
  • I've only had experience in food service. But, I am going to guess that retail and food service are probably close to equal as the worst.

169. What's the coolest job you ever had? 
  • Probably Emergency Medical Technician and driver for an ambulance transport company.

170. What is one central idea that your thoughts seem to come back to?
  • The future.

171. Have you ever wanted to be an actor/tress? 
  • Yes, when I was younger. 

172. If you had the power to control one person and make this person do anything you wanted for a whole day, who would you pick and what would they do? 
  • Can I say my daughter so she would do her chores? Otherwise, I have no idea.

173. What star sign are you and what is your sign like? 

174. Did the Blair Witch Project scare you? 
  • No. It was stupid.

175. Are you in constant fear of death?
  • No. But, it does cross my mind sometimes.

176. Does fear of death keep you from building a life?
  • No.

177. Do you like all your movies to be in wide-screen? 
  • I actually prefer full screen.

178. Are you a fan of any comic books? 
  • I have a bunch from when I was a kid. They are like Superman and Wonder Woman. 

179. At what age did you attend your first funeral?
  • When I was almost a year old, I went with my parents to my Great-Grandmother's funeral.

180. What do you smell like (lotion, cologne, sweat)? 
  • Right now? Sweat. I need a shower. 

181. What are your greatest sources for wisdom?
  • My family and friends. 

182. When you were little, where did your parents tell you babies come from? 
  • The stork. They lied. 

183. What is your favorite band?
  • Fozzy.

184. What's the best cheesy 80's song? 
  • The Goonies R Good Enough by Cyndi Lauper. Love The Goonies, but please, the song was cheesy!

185. What's the best kind of movie to see on a date? 
  • Comedy. You definitely don't want anything deep on a date, especially a first date. So, go comedy and laugh a little. 

186. Do you like to sit in the front, middle or back of the Movie Theater? 
  • Back. I have a thing about people looking at the back of my head.

187. Have you ever been inside an abandoned building? 
  • Yes. With permission of course.

188. Under what circumstances would you agree to work for free?
  • I can't really think of one. Well, when I finish all of my education and get licensed, I will do some pro-bono cases. 

189. Candles or strobe lights? 
  • Candles.

190. Do you think the Lord of the Rings movies are true to the books or did Hollywood change the story too much?
  • Never read the books or saw the movies. 

191. When you see a stranger on the street does your first reaction lean towards thinking of this person as a potential friend or as a potential threat?
  • Depends. I try not to stereotype people. 

192. Is it natural for human beings to fear and distrust each other, or is it cultural?
  • I think it is natural. No one is born completely perfect so there is a reason to have some distrust naturally. However, it is important to note that you can distrust people for different reasons.

193. What do you really want to buy? 
  • A house, a car, a kindle fire.

194. You have to choose. Would you be happier marrying someone rich for their money or living in the streets and subway tunnels with someone you love? 
  • Living in the streets and subway tunnels with someone you love. Money doesn't always buy happiness.

195. If someone wanted to understand you what book could they read that would help? 
  • I am writing a book called Perfectly Imperfect. It explains my entire life and thought processes.

196. Do you think it’s odd that Americans have freedom of religion and yet call themselves 'one nation under god'? 
  • Sometimes.

197. In what sense are you a minority?
  • I'm a female? Are they still considered minorities?

198. Are you anti social? 
  • I appear to be. But, I'm really just shy and reserved.

199. Do you photograph well?
  • No.

200. Do you think that human beings would survivor through a nuclear winter?
  • No.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Social #21

1. What is one thing you hate doing?
Cleaning. I want it done, but I hate being the one doing it. 
2. What is one thing you hate shopping for?
Groceries! I wish I was rich enough to pay someone to do it for me. And a lot less controlling over allowing someone else to do it.
 photo grocerydevil_zps1a5ced9e.jpg 
{Photo Credit}  

3. What is one thing you love doing?
 photo A_novel_by_-_550w_zps664670b9.jpg
{Photo Credit}

4. Where is one place you love going?
Besides New Orleans or any place in Louisiana? LOL Corpus Christi, TX
 photo corpuschristi.jpg 
{Photo © Crystal @ The Italian Bella Diaries, 2006}
5. What is your favorite thing to do that you do daily?
Read. I am so glad that I have gotten back into reading. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

5 Things That Make Me Happy

There are several things that make me happy right now. I'm not going to list the obvious answers: kids, family, friends. I'm going to list 5 other things that make me happy.

 1. Writing
I love to write. Poetry, novels, stories, etc. I am happy when I am writing, free - writing not forced writing.

2. Psychology
I love studying psychology. I am so happy that I changed my major. 

3. Football Season
We all know I am a football fanatic, right? Well, football season is upon us! Soon, my Saturdays will be filled with college football while my Thursdays/Sundays/Mondays will have NFL. I. Cannot. Wait. I spend all spring/summer waiting for this!

4. New Orleans
I love NOLA. I know that I am not going back anytime in the near future but the thought of my precious city makes me happy.  
   photo IMAG0165_zps3f1d9ca3.jpg 
{Photo Credit: Crystal @ The Italian Bella Diaries, 2012}

 5. My Dreams
While I can't say my dreams in such a public forum, they make me incredibly happy. Now, if they would only come true. 

 photo 30Things_zps8a319447.png

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I Was a Victim of Cyberbullying

When we hear cyberbullying we think of teenage drama. Sadly 25% of our nation's teenagers experience cyberbullying. But, did you know that adults can be too? I found out the hard way a few weeks ago. 

Some may know this, some may not, but I have a blog separate from this one where I promote books and authors, primarily in the Indie Author world. Long story short: Author A accused Author B of plagiarism. I looked at the "evidence" presented in the claim and realized that Author A was correct in her accusation. I offered to help her however I could. This started a chain of events of bullying and harassment from Author B/others on Author B's behalf. {You can read the whole story here}

Now, I am a good person. And I will not stand for plagiarism. If you want to write a book, write your own book. Don't take someone else's book, change a few names and scenes, and claim it as your own. After I offered my assistance to Author A, I went on about my life away from the internet. I came back to an email accusing me of selling ARCs. ARCs are Advance Reader Copies. These are usually given to the reader by the author in exchange for a review. Sometimes these copies are given prior to the book's release and sometimes they are given after release. Now, selling these is morally wrong as well as legally wrong. When these are given, it is with the expressed knowledge that they are not to be shared or sold. So, this accusation was a serious one. I ignored it because A) I had never heard of the person who emailed me, B) I knew it was false, and C) no other book blogger I talked to knew who this person was. A bit later, I received a message from another book blog that said that someone was making accusations against me on their facebook page. I went and read these accusations where she blasted my name, my email address, and my blog name/url and said outright that I was selling ARCs. This infuriated me because she was tarnishing my name and reputation with these accusations. I then found out that not only was she putting this on her page, but she took the time to message EVERY author I had ever reviewed for or promoted and told them the same exact thing. Now, a few of the ones she had contacted were authors I had been working with since the very beginning. Of course, they didn't believe these accusations and stated as much publicly. Other authors, bloggers, and readers had also come to my defense. For a few brief minutes, I almost gave up my book blog and accept defeat. But, I have some very wise and persuasive friends in the Indie book world. My response to this? I re-designed my blog's facebook page and created a new twitter account solely for that blog. Nope, I wasn't going to accept defeat. I took screenshots of the email, the facebook posts, everything. And sent them to Author A who forwarded them to her lawyer. 

I stopped regretting my decision to help Author A. I was standing up for what was right. I was doing the right thing. I continued to get messages from various names concerning Author B. But, you know what? I think they ARE ALL Author B. I feel bad that I almost let someone who hides behind false names push me out of a world I love. I almost let them win. 

It took awhile for it all to sink in. I had been cyberbullied by a nameless, faceless person. I am a grown adult and someone out there thought they could sling false accusations, and rumors against me and I would disappear. But, I didn't. I am stronger than that. I continue to stand against plagiarism. And I stand against cyberbullying of any kind. 

I learned that doing the right thing isn't always the easy thing. But, I would never NOT do the right thing just to make my own life easier. 


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Social #20

1. What are you most looking forward to about Fall?

2. What is your favorite sports team?
Pick a sport! I am a sports fanatic!
College sports: LSU Tigers;
NFL: New Orleans Saints;
NBA: New Orleans Pelicans;
MLB: Atlanta Braves;
NHL: Carolina Hurricanes

3. If you could go back to college is there one thing you would change?
I am in college now. The one thing I plan to change that I didn't do when I was an undergrad is to keep my grades up high.

4. What was your favorite class you ever took? HS or College
Abnormal Psychology. Love it! And I'm so glad that I get to take it again at the graduate level.

5. Reach into your purse what is the first thing you grab?
The movie Gravity that we rented from Redbox.